Contemplative Photography Workshop -Hagerstown, Maryland

Contemplative Photography at the Stillness Studio with John Canan in Hagerstown, Maryland

IMG_0818.JPGThe practices photography, mindfulness, and meditation are all rooted in witnessing and experiencing the present moment. Each is influenced by our perceptions and calls us to hone a focused vision of our experience at this moment. In this workshop, we will incorporate an appreciation of nature within and as part of the photos we make.


John will lead you through mindful meditation and breath awareness while mentoring you in mindfulness and photographic techniques.
 The day will move from the yoga studio into the downtown where your photographs will bring clarity to the story you want to tell through images you make. There will be intentional pauses built into the day for self-introspection and quiet time with nature as we each learn to recognize the simple moments with a fresh clear lens of appreciation.
This workshop is entirely accessible to those who may be new to meditation, or photography as well as to those who are quite experienced with any or both of these modalities.  Dress for the weather outside that day. This workshop will meet in rain or shine! Adults and mature teens of all abilities are encouraged to participate.


The Stillness Studio

28 South Potomac St. Suite 307 Hagerstown, MD


Please bring:

Camera/phone camera
Water bottle and snacks


May 7

May 21

June 16


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About the Workshop Call John at 301-969-2400

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John Canan is a photographer, naturalist, educator, and writer who helps families, businesses and communities tell inspiring stories through photographs and digital images. In each workshop that he leads, John draws upon 40+ years of mindfulness practice and experience to make the content accessible, relevant and fosters a sense of connection for the participants.   John’s photography work and consulting are frequently utilized to support the promotional and educational efforts of professional services, non-profit organizations, and stewards of our natural resources with an emphasis on strengthening our sense of connection between people and the natural world.    See some of John’s photographic work at

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