Fine Art Printing | Smooth Matte, Velvet, Torchon

Fine Art Prints With Three Superior Surfaces

We’re proud to offer three fine art papers, hand-selected for their superior quality: Torchon by Hahnemühle, Velvet, and Smooth Matte.

Designed for high quality digital fine art reproduction, all of these papers have a matte appearance with excellent image sharpness and optimal color density and gradation. The thickness and surface texture of these fine art papers provide both substance and beauty.

The Finest Materials

Produced to the highest archival standards, our fine art papers are acid-free, pH neutral, and made from pure cellulose. They’re inkjet printed with archival pigment inks that significantly enhance the visual brilliance of both your color and black & white images. These inks also have a substantial longevity that keeps your images beautiful for generations.

Optional Mounting

Fine art prints can be ordered as loose prints or mounted on Matboard, Styrene, Foamboard, Masonite, Standout, or a Bamboo Panel. If you plan to frame your fine art prints, we recommend ordering them mounted. A fine art print mounted on Standout or Bamboo arrives ready to hang as an un-framed wall display.

Smooth Matte

Smooth Matte is a 100% cotton hot press paper. It has the smoothest surface of our fine art papers.


Velvet is a 100% cotton paper. It has a patterned texture with a similar look and feel to watercolor paper.  Velvet has a delicate surface that is less resistant to scratches and scuffs than other fine art surfaces. Loose or mounted, these prints must be handled with extra care.


Torchon by Hahnemühle is a pure cellulose watercolor paper with a distinct textured surface. This is our highest quality fine art paper.

Printed and meticulously processed for you by White House Custom Colour with a firm commitment to a greener environment for all of us


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