Much of my work focuses on strengthening the connections between humans, the natural world, and each other by providing proactive and fresh points of view that emphasize inclusion and stewardship where possible. You may also find my editorial and lifestyle documentary photography published on my blog.  Feel free to join in the conversation with me on Instagram.
"As a narrative photographer, I continually draw upon my life experiences and non-photography area specialties as I interact with people, places, and sensitive topics and moments"


I empower and support my clients to fulfill their mission by providing genuine, crisp and authentic photo stories and ongoing content services. The process is often collaborative, sometimes iterative, and is always a bridge for creating meaningful and relevant connections between my clients, their market, and their community(s). (This means I listen to you, I ask lots of questions, I pay attention, I learn what is important to you and your customers/clients/stakeholders and then I work from there to provide you with imagery that communicates with your audience).

Handling Photography, Editorial Content, and Video Productions from Concept through Post Production.


About Me:
Photographer and Creative Director John Canan

jcanan_profile-small.jpegJohn Canan is an editorial and lifestyle photographer, videographer, and creative director specializing in creating connections imagery. He graduated from Prescott College with a degree in Sustainable Community Development and Regenerative Design (a program he developed while at Prescott College). He currently lives in Brunswick, Maryland, part of the greater DC Metro area. 

A perpetually curious adventurer and a story sherpa, John immerses himself in and openly shares the natural beauty where he lives. John Canan’s work on skilled Artisan’s of Western Maryland was exhibited at The National Geographic Museum. His photography has been featured by American Photographic Artists, ASMP DC Chapter, and is utilized in travel and outdoor related journals, blogs, and Visitor Guides. You will find his editorial photographs in publications featuring subjects, venues, and destinations in the Appalachian Mountain region. His creative direction and videography has been referred to “a catalyst for positive marketing change” and is utilized in promotional and educational videos.  Feel free to engage in the conversation Instagram Google+  For more information on John’s work, to discuss your project, request specific types of portfolios, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.  


Other Areas of Training and Expertise: 
John is also an accomplished naturalist and outdoor educator; with extensive experience in tracking and wilderness survival
A certified mediator in the state of Maryland
And has been involved with and supported community building within various localities and organizations for more than 30 years

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tinni-jump.jpgMatinicus aka. “Tinni"
Resident, blue merle, Pomeranian. Matinicus is an Abenaki word for a beautiful island 23 miles off of the coast of Rockland, in Knox Co. Maine.  Her mottled coat matches the multi-colored and rocky shoreline.  Her personality sometimes fits with the reputation of the island as well.  Sometimes Tinni is pensive, sometimes content, and she always ready to explore and share her love of the moment. 

Tinni is the  Visit Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland (CVB) mascot, where she enthusiastically utilizes her expertise in location scouting, supervising John, stunts, and providing general inspiration.  Cute and snuggly, she has a hunter’s heart and has jumped out of the kayak to swim to the shore and chase a poor unsuspecting (and very large) moose.  To tell her story with a camera means being able to live life at 1/8000 of a second. 




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Paying it Forward

I not only believe in making the world better than I found it, it is fundamental to me. I strive to be a kind, caring, professional, and I volunteer, within my state and region as well and support the humanities and the arts.

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